Friday, October 3, 2014

Why should drink Green Tea before bed

Drinking green tea before bed can get some good benefits. Here are some benefits of taking Green Tea before bed:
1. It helps to relax
Since Green Tea has a relaxing agent present inside, it helps in soothing nerves and relaxing. Both of these ingredients make for a good night’s sleep and a good sleep in the night directly means a fresher mind in the morning.
2. It improves metabolism
Research has shown that sleeping soundly and adequately directly affects body’s metabolism. And a healthy metabolic system ensures a body is in good physical shape and a glowing skin. Taking Green Tea in the night, can ensure that the metabolism stays on the tract.
3. It eliminates waste
Eliminating waste buildup from the body is crucial and cannot be underestimated. Taking Green Tea in the night, after all meals are done is a way of ensuring that body will be assisted in the removal of the wastes.
For these reasons, along with day time, you must drink Green Tea in the night.

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